President: Peter Day
Secretary: Carol Kambites-Acting Secretary
Chair: Carol Kambites
Treasurer: Dave Limbrick

Carol Kambites- Acting Secretary
Peter Kwan- Runs Secretary
Geoff Ward- Social Secretary
Lesley Williams
Brain Hewlett
Peter Day
Dave Limbrick

Runs Committee:
Peter Kwan
Malcolm Jackson
Pat Ballinger
Peter Day
Roy Jones

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Mail is forwarded to members.

If you would like to join the club, the first two rides are free. Then you would be asked to join. Just turn up at a ride start point and make yourself known. Please bring a road worthy bicycle and lights if necessary. The rides are graded as too whether they are hilly or flat. To begin with it might be worth starting with a flat ride.

'Cycling UK' member:
individual £6
2 at the same address £10
**junior £3.50

non 'Cycling UK' member:
individual £29
2 at same address £56
**junior £26.50
associate £6.00

**Juniors under 16 and must be accompanied by a responsible and competent rider